REMRAF is an ananym for farmer. Our mission: “Cultivating farmers of the world, planting and preserving seeds of artistry, for a healthier mind, body and soul.”

We are all farmers with seeds that we want to plant and see grow. The seed” is an idea; it may be professional or personal. “Cultivating” is preparing the land, creating an outline, blueprint, sketch or plan. With the right tools and support or “nurturing” of the seed, it grows. It can grow into unlimited forms of artistic expression, including a song, story, painting, sculpture, recipe or design. It can grow into a business that grows from the seeds of other farmers’ and their goods or services.  Or, it may be a complete life changing event, eliminating the “weeds” to becoming healthier, physically and/or spiritually. There are an infinite number of seeds that once planted come to fruition. Preserving these seeds with positivity will result in success.

Founded, owned and operated by Shane Farmer and Debbie Garay, it has been our dream to be self-employed and help others of like mindset. We believe in the uniqueness of small locally grown businesses.

REMRAF Inc. wants to inspire you through music and stories taken from real life.

Our personal goal is to bring a sense of hope to the world by reaching as many people as we can through sharing knowledge and art, especially photography and music. Music is the universal language that we all speak.  Photography provides a visual that anyone can understand. It is these positive influences that brings people together in a encouraging way.  All it takes is YOU!